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Diabetes Research Group Grants:

Drs. Kieffer and Johnson have been awarded a $1.5 million CIHR New Emerging Team Grant entitled “Beta-cell Regeneration for Diabetes”. This group of local and international scientists plans to use specialized viral vectors to deliver therapeutic proteins to pancreatic beta-cells.

Drs. Kieffer and Johnson are part of a Stem Cell Network-funded group grant to screen for novel compounds that induce the formation or growth of pancreatic beta-cells.

Drs. Kieffer, Johnson and McIntosh key members of the MSFRH-funded Centre for Human Islet Transplantation and Beta-cell Regeneration, led by Dr. Garth Warnock.

Diabetes Research Group – Breakthrough Articles:

Dr. Johnson’s group published an article in PNAS identifying a pancreatic beta-cell proteins called carboxypeptidase E as a major target of fatty acid in type 2 diabetes.

Dr. McIntosh’s group published an article in Nature Medicine on PET-based imaging of transplanted islets.

Dr. Kieffer’s group published an article in Cell Metabolism on the role of leptin in the pancreatic beta-cell.

Dr. Johnson’s group published an article in PNAS on the anti-apoptotic effects of insulin on pancreatic beta-cells.

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