Selected Publications

Stoehr J.P., Byers J.E., Clee S.M., Lan H., Boronenkov I., Schueler K.M., Yandell B.S., and Attie A.D.  Detection of major quantitative trait loci controlling body weight variation in ob/ob mice. Diabetes 2004 53:245-249.

Clee S.M., Nadler S.N., and Attie A.D. Genetic and genomic studies of the BTBR ob/ob mouse model of type 2 diabetes. American Journal of  Therapeutics 2005 12:491-8.

Clee S.M., Yandell B., Schueler K.M., Rabaglia M.E., Richards O.R., Raines S.M., Kabara E.A., Klass D.M., Mui, E.T.-K., Stapleton D.S., Gray-Keller M.P., Young M.B., Stoehr J.P., Lan H., Boronenkov I., Raess P.W., Flowers M.T., and Attie A.D.  Positional cloning of SorCS1, a type 2 diabetes quantitative trait locus. Nature Genetics 2006 38:688-693.

Clee S.M. and Attie A.D.  The genetic landscape of type 2 diabetes in mice. Endocrine Reviews 2007 28:48-83.

Goodarzi M.O., Lehman D.M., Taylor K.D., Guo X., Cui J., Quinones M.J., Clee S.M., Yandell B.S., Blangero J., Hsueh W.A., Yang H., Attie A.D., Stern M.P., and Rotter J.I. SORCS1: A novel human type 2 diabetes susceptibility gene suggested by the mouse. Diabetes 2007 56:1922-1929.

Clee S.M.  Sweet successes in diabetes genetics. Clinical Genetics 2007 72:83-86.

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