The Diabetes Research Group has the state-of-the-art facilities required for modern biomedical research. In addition to standard molecular biology, physiology and biochemistry equipment, these include:

The Centre for Disease Modelling, one of Canada’s largest facilities for studying models of human disease. This centre includes numerous facilities for both in vivo and in vitro imaging.

Clee lab has established a “Mouse Obesity Phenotyping Core” funded by the CFI.

Dedicated virus preparation and tissue culture facilities are used for delivering specific proteins to cells.

The Kieffer and Johnson laboratories have a new “High Content Imaging Facility” funded by the CFI and comprising of two Molecular Devices ImageXpress high content readers, as well as off-line robotic Perkin-Elmer Janus liquid handing.

The Facility for the NanoScale Analysis of Apoptosis Mechanisms in Diabetes allows advanced imaging of signalling events in single cells. FRET, FLIM-FRET, TIRFM and deconvolution imaging approaches are employed.

Visit the Life Sciences Institute website to learn more about our facilities.

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